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Self Leadership Transformational Counseling for

Individuals and Couples

Dorothea is a Level Three (highest level) Practitioner of Self-Led Transformational Counseling, or Self Leadership, also called Internal Family Systems. It is some of the most powerful inner work you may ever experience, and it is the fastest growing new development in psychotherapy.  It resonates deeply with Rosen Method Bodywork, Empowerment Counseling, and with healing old patterns and old trauma.

About the Practice

Self-Led Transformation holds the truth that within each of us is the Self, and that we are designed to live our lives in complete creativity, with full power and intelligence, full of awe and wonder, fully connected to each other in loving cooperation with compassion, zest and compassion. This is your inherent nature, your true Self, and it is possible to live from this place, the essence of the real self.

Self-Led Transformation is non-pathologizing but is empowering. It is based in systems theory, that the human being is a living system with multiple parts to us all, beautiful though sometimes conflicted parts,  like competencies, originally designed to function elegantly and well. But because we do not live in a perfect world with perfectly healthy adults to raise us, these parts develop different strategies to cope with the difficult terrain we have to navigate while protecting the precious and vulnerable Self. In time these strategies or parts of the system, forced by difficult circumstances, conditioning and repeated hurts to take on unhealthy roles in us, can block our ability to function well with all of our gifts, talents and strengths.

Self-Led Transformation holds that we can respect all parts of us, instead of rejecting these challenging patterns in ourselves, and that the true Self can transform these parts or strategies, through compassionate understanding, listening and healing, thereby helping all the different parts of us reclaim their original powerful roles in our lives, and function as an integrated whole, the way we were intelligently designed.

Self-Led Transformation is creative and powerful in healing attachment or abandonment wounds, and insufficient attunement, validation or approval, which all of us suffered, though we had the most well meaning parents. It is powerful for healing low self esteem, and inner self critical parts, and in releasing old beliefs about ourselves, other people or the world that we took on when we were young.

Exciting research has graphically shown that we can actually change old brain patterning when we bring resource, (the Self) to the young hurt parts of us. We can go back in mindfulness to witness for the child parts of us, to correct incorrect information the child was taking on, to take effective, protective action that should have been taken, and all of that affects the brain patterning from traumatic or painful experiences, effectively changing the result in the brain.  

Self-Led Transformation envisions a world where relationships are transformed through Self-Leadership:  that it is in the practice of Self-compassion that it becomes possible to love freely and courageously, thriving in intimate connection with others and ourselves, where each of us can allow the true heart of the human being to shine forth, the true Self, the wise, compassionate, loving intelligence, the Divine spark within each of us. May it glow in you, and in all of us. 

Healing Conditioning Around Racism, Prejudice, Sexism, Internalized Sexism  

Self-Led Transformational Counseling has been shown to be very powerful in helping us to heal hurts of conditioning in our society.  It is an excellent modality for those who want to address their own prejudices or racism, hurts around racism or prejudice, sexism, or internalized sexism. Dorothea has a lot of experience working in this area and has led local and national workshops for therapists and others who want to learn this aspect of Self Leadership, and take on this important task of clearing out this shadow side of ourselves in a highly supportive way.

Self-Led Transformational Counseling is naturally body oriented and can include mindfulness in the body with gentle touch, if the client is interested.

Phone or skype sessions are also effective and available for this modality.

About the Practitioner

Dorothea Hrossowyc

Dorothea Hrossowyc, MA, RMPA,  practices as:
Connections: Rosen Method Bodywork & Empowerment, and a Level Three (highest level) Practitioner of Self-Led Transformational Counseling


Dorothea Hrossowyc, M.A., RMPA, is a Certified Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner, and also a Certified Teacher of Rosen Method Bodywork. She trained with Marion Rosen at the Berkeley Center. She is also a graduate of Hakomi Body Psychotherapy and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Trauma and Attachment Issues, and is trained in Self Led Transformational Counseling, or Internal Family Systems, from the Center for Self Leadership, Chicago, IL. 

In over 20 years as an educator, trainer and personal empowerment consultant, she has led many workshops and classes in mind/body medicine, releasing unconscious limitations, women’s empowerment, men’s liberation, couples and relationships, listening skills, healing from physical and sexual hurts, parenting, educational change, eliminating racism, and transforming the inner critic. She has taught week long intensive trainings in Rosen Method, and has assisted in Self Leadership trainings.  She is committed to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, and all forms of human liberation are her lifelong passions.



Confidential sessions available by appointment

$95 per session.

Call Dorothea to schedule or to talk with her about her work.


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Dorothea's Hours & Locations


Green Lotus Center for Yoga and Integrative Healing

18480 Kenyon Avenue, Lakeville, MN

(about 20 minutes south of the cities, right off 35 W)



8120 Wallstreet Rd. (90th St. E.), Northfield, MN

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

Morning and Afternoons

and Friday mornings.

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