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Connections: Rosen Method Bodywork and Empowerment Counseling 

is a hands-on practice that addresses the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Emotions, memories, behavior patterns, long held negative beliefs and attitudes toward ourselves are stored in the body.  Rosen Method is a holistic approach to physical and emotional health that uses non-manipulative touch and gentle conversation to bring awareness and release to what is held in the body in muscle tension. As one becomes aware of this tension (where stress is held), what emerges is relaxation of the muscles, ease in the breath, more aliveness emotional healing, new possibilities for living life, and an ease in being yourself. The practitioner is skilled at helping you identify what is held in your body and highly skilled at supporting the release of old, conditioned negative beliefs you took on when you were young and got hurt, or that were painfully conditioned into you.

Connections: Rosen Method Bodywork and Empowerment Counseling 

is empowerment.  Learning to be with one's own fears, hesitations, and emotions and listening to the wisdom that comes from the body brings forth renewed creativity, an honoring of our deepest sense of ourselves, and a sense of new possibilities to live as we truly are, our truth in embodied self-awareness.

Rosen Method Bodywork and Empowerment

Healing touch...
Connecting to the essence of the self...
Releasing unconscious limitations...
To live life in the world as the one you really are...

Bringing forth what is within you...

Taking charge of your life...

Shifting what holds you back...

Creating self-healing, self-love, self-respect...

Want to free yourself from your long held negative beliefs like these:

 • There is something wrong with me.

 • No one likes me.  

 • I can never do anything right.

 • Something bad is always going to happen to me


Want to be more comfortable with who you really are?


Want to learn how to be with your own emotions, and how to release them through the body?

Want to learn how to release anxiety without medications?


Want to release tension and stress and feel fully alive?


Want to transform negative patterned behaviors that come from old conditioning and make your life harder?


Want to increase your consciousness, especially embodied self awareness?

"This work is about transformation from the person you think you are to the person you really are." 

– Marion Rosen

Potential Benefits of Rosen Method Bodywork

 • Relaxation response greater ease in the breath

• Faster healing from trauma or injury

• Support around painful emotions

• Relief from joint stiffness

• Release from old behavior patterns

• Nurturing

• Reduced anxiety and stress

• Pain and stress release

• Easing joint stiffness

• Deepening awareness

• Trust

• Scceptance

• Learning to receive

• Reclaiming a voice

• Greater capacity for intimacy

• Release from negative beliefs

• Personal transformation

• Turning on the calm, connection system in the body


Rosen Method Bodywork & Empowerment Counseling: Visions


Rosen Method Bodywork and Empowerment Counseling is for people who have wishes and visions of what life really could be like. It is for those who wish to use a holistic approach to physical and emotional health, and to empower themselves in their personal lives. It is for those wishing to:​

• Gain more self-confidence, feelings of self-esteem, and self-worth

• Restore their life of feelings, to express their emotions, including their childhood ability to unconditionally love


• Experience the power of safe, gentle, healing touch


• Reintegrate the connections between body, mind, and spirit


​• Release emotion and tension stored in the muscles of the body and relieve the accompanying physical pain


• Become aware of unconscious negative beliefs that hold one back​​

• Reclaim the vibrancy of their senses


• Learn self-compassion, self-respect


• Support continuing recovery from addictions by developing a strong sense of self


• Become free from the effects of early childhood hurts, physical, sexual, or emotional; it is especially for those who no longer want to hold themselves back in their past painful experiences


• Bloom into their full intelligence and creativity and live without limits


Rosen Method Bodywork & Empowerment Counseling: Philosophy


Rosen Method Bodywork and Empowerment Counseling uses Rosen Method Bodywork to release tension held in the body—tension that can hold one back in life. Deep contact through gentle touch in those places of holding tension encourages awareness through relaxation, through the breath, and by connecting to the deep essence of the person. Often, painful emotions or unconscious limitations can be released, and by moving past the history of experiences, the possibilities of fuller life can unfold.

Rosen Method Bodywork is not designed as a substitute for mental health professional therapy or for treatment of medical illness. It is a holistic, alternative approach to emotional self-healing outside the medical model. It can be used, however, in an adjunct capacity, as a nationally recognized bodywork supporting and correlating with professional mental health or medical treatment, and to provide relaxation and self-care with enhanced communication between the physical body and the emotional and spiritual self.


Rosen Method Bodywork and Empowerment Counseling maintains that we are our own healers. We are designed to live our lives in complete creativity, with full power and intelligence, full of awe and wonder, fully connected to each other in loving cooperation. This is your inherent nature, and it is possible to live from this place. The Rosen Method practitioner can support the client's unfolding self-discovery, self-expression, and healing to live from this place, the essence of the real self.

Training & Education

Training and Education


Practitioners of Rosen Method Bodywork receive a rigorous formal training before being certified by the Rosen Institute. The average length of study is four years, in part because one's preparation to do the work requires a good deal of self-discovery. During the internship, which includes 350 hours of practice sessions and 25 hours of sessions supervised by senior teachers, the intern is also expected to receive Rosen sessions him- or herself. Receiving the work is an essential component of learning how to practice the work. Dorothea completed her training in 2000, and is a certified teacher of Rosen Method Bodywork.

About the Practitioner

Dorothea Hrossowyc

Dorothea Hrossowyc, MA, RMPA,  practices as:
Connections: Rosen Method Bodywork & Empowerment, and a Level Three (highest level) Practitioner of Self-Led Transformational Counseling


Dorothea Hrossowyc, M.A., RMPA, is a Certified Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner, and also a Certified Teacher of Rosen Method Bodywork. She trained with Marion Rosen at the Berkeley Center. She is also a graduate of Hakomi Body Psychotherapy and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Trauma and Attachment Issues, and is trained in Self Led Transformational Counseling, or Internal Family Systems, from the Center for Self Leadership, Chicago, IL. 

What to Expect from a Session


There is no typical Rosen session. Each session is a unique experience for both client and practitioner. There are, however, several elements that you can generally expect:

• A session is about an hour long.

• The client is invited to lie on a massage table.

• The practitioner may talk to the client, inviting her or him to notice and perhaps respond in words to what is happening in the body as it is touched.

• No oils or lotions are used. Touch may be received directly on the skin or through clothes, as the client wishes.

There is also no typical Rosen client. We work with people who want to experience the wholeness of body, mind, and spirit. Some people come because they are suffering from physical pain or discomfort, some because they sense a general dissatisfaction with their lives, some because they are excited by new possibilities and want support in exploring those new options. Some know their unconscious behavior patterns are harming their lives

The work is not designed for those with severe mental health issues, such as psychosis, or for people who are actively dependent on chemical or controlled substances.

Session Exepctation

In over 20 years as an educator, trainer and personal empowerment consultant, she has led many workshops and classes in mind/body medicine, releasing unconscious limitations, women’s empowerment, men’s liberation, couples and relationships, listening skills, healing from physical and sexual hurts, parenting, educational change, eliminating racism, and transforming the inner critic. She has taught week long intensive trainings in Rosen Method, and has assisted in Self Leadership trainings.  She is committed to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, and all forms of human liberation are her lifelong passions.

Dorothea's Hours & Locations


Green Lotus Center for Yoga and Integrative Healing

18480 Kenyon Avenue, Lakeville, MN

(about 20 minutes south of the cities, right off 35 W)



8120 Wallstreet Rd. (90th St. E.), Northfield, MN

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays morning and afternoon, 

and  Friday mornings.



Confidential sessions available by appointment

$95 per session. (Plus MN tax)

Call Dorothea to schedule or to talk with her about her work.


Call Dorothea at:

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